Fate Irfan Bachdim

Jakarta - While Irfan Bachdim footballer, said he did not know if he's not included in the squad football.About his position, which has proven expertise Irfan played on the AFF Cup states, will concentrate fully on his club, Persema Malang, who was following the primary league, Indonesia (LPI .)

Meanwhile, coach Alfred Riedl said the decision did not include the name of Irfan Bachdim in U-23 national team was not at the insistence of certain parties.

Met on the sidelines between Indosiar lively celebration of the feast of love 16 years in the studio Indosiar 5, the road Daan Mogot, West Jakarta, the footballer said Irfan Bachdim not know about whether he participated in the U23 national team. Irfan confessed is currently concentrated in the middle of clubnya Persema Malang Indonesia following the Premier League (LPI).

Meanwhile met while leading the U23 national team selection exercise for Wednesday morning, coach Alfred Readl insists he will not invite Irfan Bachdim to join the national team U23. Because Irfan have selected LPI.

Readl reject the notion that his decision is the insistence of others or interference PSSI. Earlier last week declared Irfan Bachdim Readl coach can not play in the national team, because LPI competition together with his team in Malang Persema not recognized in FIFA. Due to be entered into the U23 national team care according to need is Readl FIFA-recognized players.