LPI: The right of the player

All football players who competed in the Premier League Indonesia (LPI) and the Indonesia Super League (LSI) have the same right to strengthen the squad for the national team if it is good quality. LPI spokesman, Abi Hasantoso states, there should be no discrimination in soccer balls, except for national team coaches get the pressure of a particular party.

"Who can forbid a citizen to defend the homeland? Who's able to ban players who are worth defending squad 'Red White ' dressed uniform with picture eagle on the chest if it is good quality?" Abby sue after the match versus Persibo Batavia Union, Sunday (9/1/9/1/2011) in H Soedirman Bojonegoro Stadium, East Java.

According to Abi, Youth and Sports Minister Andi Alfian Malarangeng insisted there was no discrimination in football. Should a player or players like Irfan Bachdim Persibo quality can strengthen national team squad. "If there is discrimination means possible coach to receive the pressure," he said.

Abi explained, LPI is the era of the commencement of the lucrative soccer industry and encourage clubs to become independent. LPI will ensure regional heads will not be checked for the Corruption Eradication Commission, because the LPI does not use a budget or people's money.

"I see in Bojonegoro have good cohesiveness between parliament and executive to equally support the LPI for the club does not burden the budget. This is a good example," he said.

Deputy Chairman of Parliament Bojonegoro, Gratitude Priyanto, states, will perform at LSI or LPI is an important community can unite to support Persibo Bojonegoro. "During this council and local government often think of how funding Bojonegoro Persibo. However, by joining the LPI is now no longer need to think of financial Persibo," he said.

Persibo Manager, Taufik Riesnendar asserted, the public now have to change the positive mindset and know where the good and the bad. He believes the more orderly management of LPI.

"This is in line with the football competition that is more focused, open, independent, and sportsmanship. If it was on this day we do not lose Persibo lucky and your opponent is better," said Taufik.kompas.com