Irfan Bachdim : Girlfriend just One Person

JAKARTA - Although the women loved, footballer Irfan Bachdim not interested to become a playboy. Irfan confessed enough to have a girlfriend.

"Just one," said Irfan when asked by reporters whether he intends to look for lovers in Indonesia. He met while attending the event Pocari Sweat Futsal Championship, the Grand Hyatt Hotel, roads MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Monday (01/31/2011).

Irfan said the lover, Jennifer Kurniawan had returned to Germany. Although far from Indonesia, Jennifer continued to support him.

Recently, 22-year-old man was diving his debut as an advertising model for Pocari Sweat. Then, whether Irfan interested to spread its wings into the world of soap operas later.

"I do not have thoughts like that, now I only run a small hobby of mine from the play the ball," he explained.