Adebayor Disappointing

OSASUNA - Emmanuel Adebayor negative record debut with Real Madrid in the face Osasuna on Monday morning. Adebayor dropped replace Angel Di Maria in the 64th minute. As a result, the loan Manchester City striker was not yet provide significant contributions.

Real fell 0-1 when a visit to Osasuna at the Reyno de Navarra Stadium on Monday morning. Trying to keep a distance from Barcelona's 3-0 win over Hercules, Real would lose the opportunity to board the team down. Javier Camunas scored in the second round to be the only one who created the game.

This is the second defeat of Real in the Spanish League this season after a first happened at the Camp Nou for Barcelona. Failed to points, Real Madrid are now seven points adrift of Barca, has collected a total of 51 points.

Besides not nyetel with teammates, especially Karim Benzema, Adebayor was recorded only once the kick off to Osasuna goalkeeper. That was not including dangerous opportunities. The physical condition 26 years old Togo international striker was also not considered ideal.

Even so, entrenador Real Jose Mourinho happy with the debut of former Arsenal striker. "I always wanted (the squad). It is very important for us to have three strikers because after losing (Gonzalo) Higuain, we close with two great strikers, Adebayor and Benzema," said Mourinho, as reported by AFP.

Mourinho also understand if Adebayor has not been much "talk" in his first game with Real. "But he has advantages with quality and experience of playing in big clubs. He'll get used to the pressure on our club," said The Special One.

Related reports Adebayor bad attitude, confident Mourinho would not be a problem on his team. For the record, Adebayor had a record of never fighting with teammates during his career in England. At Arsenal, he quarreled with Nicklas Bendtner during the match and physical contact with Kolo Toure at City training session earlier this month.

"He's still young. But he has said that playing at Real Madrid is a pride. I'm sure she will be loved players and the fans and will be responsible to the team," explained Mourinho.