LPI Fight Irfan & Kim Entrance National Team

Jakarta - playing Irfan Kurniawan Bachdim and Kim Jeffrey could not make their entry into the Indonesian national team. LPI also promised to fight for the rights of both, with legal ones.

This is related to the "illegal" in the eyes of PSSI LPI. By not under the auspices of the national federation, automatically LPI called PSSI not recognized by FIFA. And as the impact, the player who competed in it can not be incorporated into the national team.

But still keukeuh LPI trying to Irfan, Kim or Andik Virmansyah can play in the national team. They also overlook the Menpora Andi Mallarangeng, and Menpora also give the "blessing".

"First we have to get permission from Menpora that the youth of the nation the best in his field, including soccer, have the same right to defend Indonesia in the international arena," said spokeswoman Abby Hasantoso to detikSport LPI.

"(Alfred) Riedl concentrate enough to find the best players from any competition. Who has the right to enter the national team. Moreover, it is recommended by Menpora," he continued.

Abi later revealed that the stronghold of LPI will wait until the national team selection process, which is currently underway, is completed. If in the end Irfan and Kim was also able to enter the national team, they were ready to help through legal channels.

"We also will help it into law. Our legal team is trying to restore their rights."

"Irfan and Kim was his goal to play for the national team. Let's say our players are still not able to go also. New Menpora we'll meet again," he said.