United Mute Liverpool

United's Giggs Penalty wins over their biggest rival.
Manchester United's first game Kenny Dalgish destroy Liverpool train by getting rid of their biggest rivals in the FA Cup. Controversial penalty which was executed by Ryan Giggs took the victory for United but Liverpool's task becomes more severe when their captain, Steven Gerrard, should be expelled out of the field in the 32nd minute after berated Michael Carrick.

Sir Alex Ferguson made three changes in the line-up United, Wayne Rooney and Nemanja Vidic were not included by reason of injury. Meanwhile, Carrick's return makes the position of Darron Gibson again displaced.

Meanwhile, Liverpool's new coach, Kenny Dalgish, making five changes from the squad for Liverpool when compared with Roy Hodgson's squad against Blackburn. Three changes such as Martin Kelly, Daniel Agger and Fabio Aurelio replaced Glen Johnson, Sotiris Kyrgiakos and Paul Konchesky. Meanwhile, two other changes that Raul Meireles and Dirk Kuyt put back into the line-up replaces the role of Joe Cole and David Ngog.

Each match of the two rivals is always present drama and no different from this match. United's success ahead in the first minute. When the game has been running 31 seconds, Dimitar Berbatov Darren Fletcher managed to receiving feedback on the Liverpool penalty box, after controlling the ball suddenly dropped Berbatov after a clash with Daniel Agger. Howard Webb immediately pointed to the white point in the replay even though Berbatov looked too easy to fall. Giggs who becomes the executor does not menyiakan these opportunities and bring the United winning 1-0.

Left behind one goal through a penalty goal to make Liverpool's controversial rise to the equalizer, several opportunities gained by Fernando Torres but the Spaniard failed netted the ball.

After working hard for balancing goal Liverpool suddenly faced with a difficult situation after Gerrard was expelled field in the 32nd minute after a tackle with two feet to Carrick. Gerrard's colleagues protested the decision but the captain himself tampakya already know that the card will come out, Gerrard without speaking directly to the dressing room and left his colleagues with a very heavy work.

The red card was a match in the first half remaining time is running slow, so the position remained until the first half ended whistle sounded.

United started the second half with a scheme to attack and nearly double the advantage in two trials in the first five minutes of the second half. The first opportunity gained by Javier Hernandez, but unfortunately the use of bait Fletcher's header does not meet the target. Hernandez's second chance this time that meant giving the bait instead of the body exposed to almost break Aurelio Reina's goal a second time.

United continued to press Liverpool in the next minute, but Ferguson's squad was not able to exploit the opportunities that they can thus failing to add goals. While Liverpool are occasionally carried out the attack are also unable to penetrate the fortress raised by Rio Ferdinand.

Additional time of three minutes was not able to save Liverpool from defeat and get them eliminated from the FA Cup. While the retainer United rejoice for being able to qualify for the next round by beating their biggest rivals.