Reds Draw Everton

LIVERPOOL - Coming from behind 1-2, Liverpool can achieve when entertaining 2-2 draw Everton in the Premier League continued at Anfield on Sunday (16/01/2011). Liverpool was stuck in 13th place with 26 points, or defeat of Everton on goal difference into 12th place.

Playing at home, Liverpool showed an aggressive game since the early minutes. They then are able to suppress the guest team, but difficult to complete an attack with a perfect final settlement.

In the first minute, for example, Liverpool build attacks that resulted in an accurate shot from Torres. However, the goal was created thanks to the alertness of Tim Howard dispel shot Torres.

Amid impasse that Fernando Torres taking individual action that was almost a goal in the 16th minute. From outside the penalty box, he dribbled into the penalty box and fired the ball after two players outwit the opponent. Unfortunately, his shot hit the pole just left of goalkeeper Tim Howard.

Despite failing, that moment of moral catapulted Liverpool. After that they were able to build better coordination of the attack and tried to take advantage of each side of the field.

Improved quality of the attack was eventually led to a goal from the foot Meireles in the 29th minute. Utilizing the results of throwing the ball Kuyt shot which Howard denied, Meireles opened fire from inside the penalty box, enter goalkeeper Howard, who has not returned to his position.

After that Liverpool play more aggressive. Everton who previously could offset the game open with Liverpool trying to reduce the control of the ball.

The effort was effective enough to curb attacks the host, but not powerful enough to allow them to pursue until the halftime whistle sounded.

Entering the second half, Everton are trying to take the initiative to attack, which are surprisingly able to finish with goals from Sylvain Distin foot in the 46th minute.

Gol started from Mikel Arteta corner kick into the middle of the penalty box. Distin greeted him with an accurate shot that made the ball nestled in the goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

Do not want to lose the moment, Everton maintain the intensity of their attacks. Barely received threats mean, they were able to back winning 2-1 thanks to goals from Jermaine Beckford in the 52nd minute. From the middle of the penalty box, he fired a bait Leon Osman's goal into the host.

After Everton's goal was more to master the game. Besides able to break the Liverpool attack, they are also fairly consistent building complete with execution attacks.

However, it has not been able to add goals, Everton even got a penalty sanctions following a violation Howard told Maxi Rodriguez. Kuyt is trusted to execute their duty well and changed the score to 2-2 in the 68th minute.

The game had not changed much after that. While Everton are still playing hard, careful look Liverpool. Although managed to avoid conceding, Liverpool was unable to add goals to a long whistle sounded.

Over 90 minutes, Liverpool had the ball as much as 56 percent and accurate off eleven shots from 20 businesses. As for Everton created four accurate shots from the nine experiments.