Irfan Bachdim Strikethrough

JAKARTA - Indonesia's national team coach Alfred Riedl said, Irfan Bachdim can not defend the national team is still playing in the Premier League Indonesia. According to him, LPI is an unofficial competition.

National Team Agency (BTN) PSSI still call Irfan follow U-23 national training squad, although players will still defend Dutch descent Persema Malang in LPI. In fact, PSSI has warned that players who play in clubs LPI will be stricken from the national team.

BTN Technical Deputy Faith Arif argued, his party called Irfan because LPI has not been rolling. However, Faith explains, PSSI has the right to decide the fate of Irfan in the national team when LPI already rolling.

Related to this, Riedl said the players must defend the national team if played in FIFA-recognized competitions. "It's very simple really. The player can not defend the national team when playing in competitions that are not recognized FIFA," said Riedl.

Riedl will wait for a decision if later Irfan PSSI still strengthen Persema in LPI. If PSSI decided strike out Irfan, Riedl was ready to lose the 22-year-old player.