Fate Beckham In White Hart Lane

London - Tottenham Hotspur Kans power to borrow David Beckham is very thin. But, if Beckham can nonetheless be bound by the status of loans, Harry Redknapp as manager of Spurs - Tottenham nickname - would not be lowered in the reunion game. Namely when Tottenham face Manchester United who was none other than Beckham's former club this weekend.

"United Against This week, he (Beckham) will not be a starter, although he later officially we borrowed," said Redknapp told The Sun. "He's not fit, and he realized it. It took several weeks for Beckham to achieve the ideal level of fitness," he continued.

Spurs did intend to hire 35-year-old player was on loan. However, Beckham eventually could only come to practice at White Hart Lane (Tottenham headquarters) until 10 February. Los Angeles (LA) Galaxy as the club that overshadow Beckham, was not willing to release the players, for fear of recurrence of the tragedy of last season.

As is known, then, when on loan to AC Milan, Beckham has even seriously injured. "Although only an exercise, the influence of Beckham really feels," said Redknapp, too.

Meanwhile, during the training session, Beckham put on his cap number 77. Apparently, the number is already booked themselves by Beckham, if he so borrowed by Tottenham.